Tresses to go with your Dresses: Choose One, Pair them Right

Fall 2016 saw hair styles go from crazy futuristic hair colours to retro conventional . A look at different hair styles to pair with your different dresses.

Nitasha Panda December 14, 2016 at 8:16

From extravagant blow-outs to circa 1970s, stay on top of the fashion brigade with the lowdown on Fall/Winter 16’s top hair trends. Fall 2016 saw hair styles go from crazy futuristic hair colours to conventional and natural styles. The simple blow out took on a luxurious take while the bob was created with a retro twist. The ramps also witnessed larger-than-life bouffants and crimping – a style that was famous in the yesteryears. Huge bangs was another ubiquitous trend on the runways bringing back fond childhood memories of more innocent days.


central parting woman hair icon CENTRALLY PARTED IN THE 70S

Central Parting Hairstyle: Sonam Kapoor
The deep side parts have finally given way to central parting to take centrestage. A style what was terribly popular in the 70s, the central parting is making a comeback globally. Models sashayed down the ramp with boho waves that were centrally parted and boy! did it look good.

Try the slick look with the central parting or simply let your fall around your face and shoulders in loose waves. Easy to do and an extremely low maintenance hairstyle this!

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blow dryer icon  LUXE BLOW OUTS

Put the good ol’ blow dryer at home to a better and larger use. Blow outs are becoming more luxurious and expensive- looking. This fall, models sported elegant blow outs on global catwalks. Bring the handy hair tool out and give your tresses a taste of luxury. Accessorize with a hair pin or simply leave it loose, parted centrally and pulled behind your ears.

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bob hair style  ANYONE KNOWS A FAUX BOB?

Faux bob hairstyle
Short hairstyles are still all the rage and while not everyone can muster the courage to chop off their long strands only to look trendy, there’s a way out, luckily. Will the faux bob please stand up! Tuck those long tresses in to give yourself the false bob look. It’s edgy, it’s glamorous and it’s retro but with a twist. You can have a messy and easy faux bob or you can pin it up nice and neat.

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curly hair  CRIMP MY STYLE

Crimped hairstyle
Remember crimping? Well, it’s back in town and while it wasn’t as popular a trend for a while, it reappeared on runways this season. Sleep with your hair braided overnight and by morning, when you open your braids out, you’ve got yourself DIY crimped hair. For those who don’t have the time to braid or sleep a full night, use the crimping tool to get this look down pat. Regular crimps or textured ones, this is a style you’ve simply got to try out this season.

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bouffant hairstyle 60s  THE 60S ARE HERE

60s womens hairstyle
While the 70s were seen almost everywhere on runways this season, the 60s were not to be left out. Quite the interesting combination on runways, the 60s and the 70s did not clash and in fact, looked like one huge trend. A very appealing and sophisticated look was the bouffant that was the mainstay of hairstyles in the 60s. The era may not come back but at least we have got a classic hairstyle out of it!

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big bang theory  THE BIG BANG THEORY

Bang hairstyle
Who doesn’t like bangs? They bring back scents of a childhood gone by too fast, too soon. Get your own personalised bangs this season. The runways across the globe were obsessed with the trend and people are going ga ga over the trend. One visit to the salon and voila! You’ve got a revamped look. So go on, become the modern-day Birkin. The demure bang is definitely here to stay and we’re glad!

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