BUN HOMIE: 6 Cool New Bun Hairstyles DIY

Our grandmothers wore them so easily and gracefully. So do our mothers. Here are 6 hot new bun hairstyles hot off the ramps! DIY.

Nitasha Panda November 25, 2016 at 4:46

Our grandmothers wore them so easily and gracefully. So did our mothers. The bun is back in town. Hot off the runway and the red carpets, this hairstyle goes way back to its initial emergence in ancient Greece.

Since then, it has worn several hats, braided, knotted, ballerina and has also held several meanings. For example, did you know that in Chinese history, a woman’s bun spoke of her marital status? The simple bun transforms a bad-hair day instantly into a stylishly put-together look.  We list the different types of buns. Take your pick.


1. Bun Bohemia

Stylisn bun bohemia

The thing with this type is to not fuss about perfection. Not every strand needs to be tucked in. Begin with a high ponytail at the back of the head. Section the ponytail and start wrapping them in a slapdash manner securing them with pins at the base. Let the loose tendrils sway naturally. Gently pull hair out of the ponytail to cup your face and seal the stylishly messy look. This works beautifully with smooth hair of varying lengths.

Get the look:




2. Accessorised bun

Mid lenghth accessorised bun

The accessorised bun is suited best for mid-length hair of all types. To get this look, start with blow-drying with a voluminizing mousse. While doing so, lift hair from the roots and polish the ends with a natural bristle brush. Backcomb the crown section from roots to tips. Pull hair back into a high ponytail, keeping the volume on top. Wrap one-inch segments of the ponytail around two fingers. Allow some strands to ease out for texture. Fix it with bobby pins and complete the look with a headband about two inches away from the hair line to break the volume on top.

Get the look:




3. Slicked back

Slicked back bun

The all-slicked-back bun looks great on curly or straight hair. Start with a high-shine serum and pulling your hair back, blow dry it. Make a tight ponytail at the centre of your head and divide it into two sections vertically. Loop the top segment down and fix it with pins under the base of the ponytail. Now, take the bottom section and wrap it around the base of the bun and secure. Finish with a shine spray for the ultra-glam look.

Get the look:




4. Flattened

Flattened Bun

This look works best for long and thick hair. Brush all your hair back and make a high ponytail. If you want more volume, add extensions. Gently backcomb the ponytails to bring in texture and wrap the hair around the base lightly, allowing the bun to expand and flatten. Secure with hairpins and use a hairspray.

Get the look:




5. Coiled in

Coiled in Bun

This longer the hair for this look, the better. Make a ponytail at the centre back and use a shine serum generously through the tail. Hold the end of the tail and start twisting the hair until it begins to coil. Let it take its natural course until twisting ends. Stick the loose ends under the bun and fix with a pin. Tame all flyaways with a hair spray.

Get the look:




6. Ballerinas

Ballerina bun

The ballerina bun is great for all hair types. Blow dry hair with a natural bristle brush and use a shine serum from roots to tips. Use your natural parting and keep it while pulling hair back into a ponytail. Braid the tail and wrap it around the base, pushing the ends under the bun. Seal with pins to finish the look. Braids add a lot of interest to a simple bun.

Get the look:



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