‘Wrap’ in style this fall: How to Stay Fashionable this Winter, 2016 – 17

Nitasha gives you nuggets of fashion wisdom for this fall - winter season. What colours are in, which accessories to wear, fabric, texture, shoes...the work.

Nitasha Panda November 30, 2016 at 5:49

Soft knits, snugly coats, flow capes, colourful furs and over sized coats; the fall’s trend is all about wrapping up against the chill and is way beyond just draping. Prêt blanket jackets, feather light capes, cocooning coats and ponchos; give it up for this new year fall trend which all about ‘wrapping’ the right way. These stylish wraps will not just repel cold but will also make a lot of heads turn to you.

Read on to know about the latest style picks for this year’s ( 2016 – 2017) fall – winter season! 

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From trendy dresses, to flamboyant lehengas, traditional trousseau with the wedding season approaching, to edgy street wear, opulent jackets and sultry saris, when it comes to fashion, there are just no leaps and bounds this fall season. Fitted suits, boxy tailoring, loose and fitted shirts were largely seen adorned by models on the catwalks. Wide legged pants in various styles like pleated, front tabs, and high waist will also be a hit. The trend for autumn/winter 2016-2017 is progressive from the tomboyish looks to military styles to pick from.


1. Colours trending this season

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The Wills India Fashion Week 2016 saw some amazing winter/fall creations by ace designers. Master couturier Tarun Tahiliani showcased his signature drapes with elaborate embroidery and extremely warm palate of colours, keeping the chill away. We saw full flowing skirts, pleated swing tops, dhoti pants and draped saris, in colour palettes ranging from neutral ebony and ivory to vivid scarlet, indigo, purple and gold.

Burgundy is the colour of the season which makes you appear feminine and mysterious. There is also so much blue happening this fall, from vibrant cobalt to gorgeous navy. Abandoning the predictable dark colour palette for winter, tender and delicate shades of pastels are the new brights this season. It’s time to shed your inhibitions, be daring and spot the most audacious trends for that ultimate rock chic vibe.

However, the major fashion disasters happen when it comes to combinations. Monochrome is the safest for winters but when it’s not black, white and grey, make sure to keep the colours from the same colour family! Take reference from the colour wheel to make sure that the colours are balanced. You can never go wrong when you pair so many classic wardrobe essentials together! Also, the army shades as your new neutrals.


2. All over knits, eccentric furs and coats…

knitwear in India fashion weekImage Source

If you only buy one thing for the new season, it must be a statement coat. The particular favourite is the blanket coat with chunky faux-furs and full length patchwork designs. Ace designers suggest layer upon layer of throws, capes and shawls – this is surely the most effective way to stay super-cosy this winter and yet make a style statement.

Knitwear featured heavily on the catwalks during fashion week; the cosy and relaxed trend was presented with trousers and sweaters, elongated tunics, and one-piece knitted dresses. Also it was the prêt brand Burberry which showcased how trendy a poncho-like blanket looks. These poncho-like blankets thrown over shoulders refer to African tribe or Indian outfits.

Crazy fur coats walked the runway at a host of shows this season where explosive volumes were seen. If your coat is not made completely from fur, it should at least be trimmed with fur – coloured stripes that accentuate the seams and give it a graphic quality.


3. Combining different textures

coloured fur coatsImage Source

Simple colour blocking doesn’t offer much surprise, however when a variety of textures are combined – especially designs such as a motley coat with inserts of coloured fur and astrakhan fabric, it’s a whole different story. Also, Symmetry is so boring’ is the message conveyed for next season, with a selection of designers opting for asymmetrical designs. Designer Masaba Gupta says, “60s style made its way into a host of catwalk shows in both the fashion and beauty department. Right from midi length dresses to gigantic accessories ranging from scarves to huge hats and hand warmer muffs, glamorous coat-robes worn with a belt casually slung around the waist, this season has a lot to offer.”

Think huge fur hoods, jade green embellished capes and enchanting Little Red Riding Hood thick ruby coats.


4. Give it up for chunky shoes!

chunky shoes outfitsImage Source

Don’t ignore your feet as it may take you no time to fall sick. Boots will never be a passé but this season, chunky footwear reigns supreme. We are so done with delicate.


5. Layer your accessories

layered dainty necklaces Image Source

Add either layers of dainty necklaces and rings or a solid and chunky statement piece.  You can also use a variety of different grey and metallic tones of accessories in order to pull off a chic look! When layering both your clothes and accessories, you must remember to stick to light weight jewellery pieces, or it won’t be long before it all weighs you down. Lastly, if you’re the type of girl that needs to wear Polo necks all winter round, then I would suggest you to opt for either statement earrings or a dainty necklace – but never both!

Shed the winter blues with the new and know the fresh trends to stay in style this fall/winter.

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