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Books are the best companions. They don’t complain, whine and just give us constant companionship. They change our lives. Any book can change your life or your perception of it. It can be a romance, a science fiction or even a book on a rather humorous subject. However, across the world, these ten seem to change people’s lives a lot more than the rest.

So, here is Annapoorani’s list of ’10 Books That Will Change your Life’.


1. Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience | Author: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Flow Book Cover

If you think that the optimal experiences of your life are the vacations, then on reading this book you’ll see just how wrong you’ve been all this while. On reading it, your life will change forever.


2. As a man Thinketh | Author: James Allen

We are what we constantly think about. Thoughts manifest. Allen tells that our failures and successes are the results of our thoughts. It’s a short but powerful read.

James Allen Quote

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3. Ishmael | Author: Daniel Quinn

A book that questions the thought that human beings are the pinnacle of biological evolution. Discussing the mythological thinking that is the heart of modern civilization, this book discusses ethics and their social impact as well.

Ishmael Book Cover


4. Lord of the Flies | Author: William Golding

A Quote from Lord of the Flies

What will happen if a group of boys get stuck on an uninhabited island? Reading it, you’ll understand human nature better and the ultimate order of priority – the individual will almost always come before the rest.

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5. The Secret | Author: Rhonda Byrne

Books that can change your life: Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Your life, its everyday happenings are nothing but the manifestations of your mind. So, if you keep thinking positive, only the good things will head your way. That’s the secret of life.


6. East of Eden  | Author: John Steinback

It’s not the critic’s favourite novel, but I bet that when you read you’ll realize that it is absolutely beautiful. It will change how you see things in life.

East of Eden: By John Steinbeck

(Image Source: penguin.com.au)


7. Jubilee  | Author: Margaret Walker

A story based on the American civil war that has a heroine like no other. It will make you question your understanding of history. A truly brilliant book.

Jubilee Book Cover: Author Margaret Walker

(Image Source: forgottenbooks.ecrater.com)

8. To Sir, With Love | Author: E.R. Braithwaite

This book will move you. Once you’re done reading it, you will remember every teacher you’ve had that changed your life. You’ll also realize that you will no longer be the person you were before you read it.

To Sir with Love: Image of Teacher

9. The Grim Fairy Tales | Author: Grimm Brothers

These have inspired millions of people around the world. I bet you’ll agree if you read them once.

Grimms Complete Fairy Tale: Slightly Open Book


10. City of Thieves | Author: David Benioff

City of Thieves: Book Cover

A story of two prisoners who are offered freedom if they get a dozen eggs for the colonel’s daughter’s wedding the next day! This will show you that working your way out of the chaos in it is achieved only through sheer focus and determination.

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