Hi Girls! Share your Hacks and DIY Videos and Earn Rs. 1000!!!

Use your smartphone / camera to record any cool fashion/make-up hack that you know of OR a DIY video. You can submit up to 4 videos a month – one each week. Earning Rs.4000 can’t be easier and more fun than this!

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Hacks refer to innovative / cool / cheaper /fun / homemade solution to a problem. For example:

  • Here’s how you can make a scarf at home using your unused clothes.
  • How to convert any creamy lipstick to give you a clean matte finish?

DIY (Do it Yourself): A video showing a process to pull off something on your own which you would have otherwise gone to a specialist for, or needed help from someone else.

  • 10 Minute Tutorial:  How to Do Smokey Eyes at Home
  • How to tie a Sari the Gujarati way.


Share the magic solutions/answers you invented or discovered to the daily problems/questions you faced or you see your friends facing, in or about one of the following essentials:

  1. Wardrobe (clothing)
  2. Shoes
  3. Accessories
  4. Makeup
  5. Hair
  6. Skin
  7. General Health / Wellness
  8. Any Homemade remedy or solution

Videos can feature a single person or a group of friends / family demonstrating a hack / DIY.



  • First, mention your real name and city at the start of the video. Such as: “I am Karen Fernandez from Panjim, Goa….”
  • Next, clearly mention what you are going to demonstrate in the video. Such as: “Today, I am going to show you 5 cool new ways to drape a scarf.”
  • Show us your solution. Just talking will not work. Talk while showing. Show while talking.
  • The solutions should be easily applicable in India, meaning don’t give solutions that are not useful for our viewers. We want to solve problems or address queries for young Indian women.
  • At the end of the video, follow these steps:
    • Say: “You are watching this video on DUSBUS“
    • Say: “Please subscribe to the DUSBUS YouTube Channel.”
  • Clear voice and video quality with correct language. Imagine a video you would like to watch and share, and then create one and submit.
  • We are currently accepting videos in English, Hindi and Bengali.
  • Your face and your actions should be clearly visible in the video.
  • Your name announced in the video, and in the information provided to us should match.


  • Video shouldn’t be less than 2 minutes.
  • This video should not have been previously published anywhere on the internet including youtube or your facebook page.
  • No sexist / racist language or obscenity in the video
  • No junk and plagiarised content
  • No sex, drugs, cigarettes and alcohol
  • No religious and political views
  • No physical/digital address or other personal contact information in the video for privacy reasons
  • The speech shouldn’t be dubbed.
  • Don’t add any music to the video.


  1. The background should be a plain color or otherwise pleasing to the eyes. Videos sent with unpleasant backgrounds (such as switch boards on the wall or a door left ajar) will be summarily rejected.
  2. Choose a spot with sufficient light.
  3. Hold the phone horizontally to get a (Full Screen Video) and not in a vertical mode to avoid black bars on its sides. Vertical videos will be considered disqualified.
  4. Choose a quiet place.
  5. Turn the airplane mode on while shooting to avoid any msgs/calls.
  6. If you don’t have a tripod, you can do one of these things:
    1. Ask a friend or a family member to film so that you don’t get a blurry and shaky video.
    2. Use a simple hack – may be put a stack of books on a table top and place your phone firmly on the top.



• Upload the video on google drive / dropbox / any other similar file sharing service and use the form given on this page to put in the link and your personal details and submit. That is it.
• Else, you can also send the link and your personal details by mail to videos@dusbus.com
• If you have any doubts or concerns, send us a mail to videos@dusbus.com
• Every video approved will be paid Rs. 1000
• Follow our Dos and Don’ts to avoid getting your video rejected.
• Payments will be made through online bank transfer.
• Payment will be made within a week of video upload.
• DusBus will hold the exclusive copyright of usage – for all videos paid for and is free to use the videos across platforms and in any edited/unedited format.
• You are not allowed to upload the same videos online elsewhere. Single infraction will lead to permanent disqualification of the ‘Smart Hacker’ status.
• DusBus’s decision is final in all respects.
• We will inform you by email whether your video has been accepted or rejected.
• DusBus retains the right to reject any video without any assigning any reasons.
• By submitting the form or by sending us your videos, you give your assent to the Terms & Conditions.
  • Your videos published are public. All other information you share with DusBus either on your profile or through other means are strictly private and is not shared by DusBus with 3rd parties, without your permission.
  • DusBus will use the email address in your profile to communicate with you and to send DusBus specific information.

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