Skin Care Tips for the Winter

Skin Care Tips for the Winter - separate tips for Dry Skin, Oily Skin and Combination Skin.

Nitasha Panda January 2, 2017 at 3:24

Skin Care Tips for the Winter – separate tips for Dry Skin, Oily Skin and Combination Skin. Rejuvenate your skin this winter with this handy tips.


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Every time the weather changes, it is not just time to change your wardrobe, but also your makeup products and most importantly, your skincare routine. After bearing sunburns, tans, sun spots through blistering summers and the sweat and humidity of monsoon, your skin has to sail through a whole gamut of problems during winters. But only if you know how to tame the ever-changing moods of your skin! Dusbus tells you exactly how to do that! Beat the problems like a pro.

Most of us believe that winter skin problems are due to dryness. Fluctuating temperature with mercury level constantly dipping, the weather is also a culprit and causes sporadic and patchy dryness on the skin. Also, even though one cannot see the sun, the ultraviolet rays penetrate through cloud covers and continue inflicting damage on unprotected skin. A moisturizing lotion with SPF properties even during the winters is a must. Dryness and harsh winds take a toll on your skin – irrespective of skin type. And dirt, grime, pollution and the harmful UV rays of the sun take a toll on your innocent skin collectively.

Customize a routine for your skin type

For Normal skin, clean your face at least twice a day with non-soapy anti-bacterial face wash. It cleanses and moisturises the skin. Use a lightweight sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Exfoliate using a good scrub once a week. Make a totally natural one in your kitchen by pureeing a tomato and mixing it with honey. A face pack of multani mitti or Fullers Earth with a little raw milk once a week will make you look dewy.


1. For Dry skin

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(a result of lack of vitamins in the diet and lack of hydration), Moisturize your skin frequently. Use a mild face wash or honey and glycerin to wash your skin twice a day. Steer clear of alcohol-based toners. Do ensure you use a serum or night cream to get the glow back.  A good foundation or BB cream is the best friend for those with dry skin – it moisturizes and makes the skin look hydrated.

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2. For Oily Skin

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Limit washing your face to two or three times a day as too much washing will stimulate your skin to produce more oil. Avoid heavy cleansing creams. Scrub your face on a regular basis. A mint or neem-based skin tonic keeps topical infections at bay. Keep a small mason jar of skin tonic in the fridge, with cotton wool pads soaking in it. This way it is chilled and ready for use. Use a light weight moisturizer immediately after a bath on damp skin. Before stepping out in the sun, apply a water or a gel-based sunscreen with an SPF 30 or above.

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3. Combination Skin

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Should be treated as if it were two different types of skin. The dry area requires gentle cleansing and regular moisturizing. The oily part needs to be deeply cleansed and toned with regular scrubbing. Make sure to use a gentle moisturizing non-soap cleanser to strip away excess oil while also moisturizing and hydrating the dry areas on the skin. While choosing make-up, make sure you opt for the mineral range, as this works the best for combination skin.


BOX 1 : Tips for healthy skin 

i. Include vitamin E and Omega 3 in your diet to keep your skin nourished.

ii.  Avoid wearing heavy make-up. Opt for sweat-proof or waterproof products that are non-comedogenic.

Have detox facials to help drain the body lymphatic system from toxins.

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