How To Choose The Right Shrug This Fall

Done right, shrugs can be teamed up with any dress. Here's a quick shopping guide for women on how to choose the right shrug for your dress this season.

Rashmi Walia December 10, 2016 at 12:03

Fall isn’t exactly that time of the year when you would pull out your coats, jackets and sweaters. Rather, a nice looking, comforting shrug is all you need over a dress to kill the chill. So here we are, with a quick shopping guide for women on how to choose the right shrug for your dress this season.


1. For Jeans

Navy blue solid shrug

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When a casual, summerish top isn’t what would do for a November evening, pull up a colourful short and smart shrug to complement your casual western dress up. A Navy Blue Solid Shrug from Jabong is a perfect pick for a t-shirt or a casual top to be teamed up with jeans. Not only will this shrug add style to your outfit but also keep you warm and comfortable even if it’s windy out there.


2. For Pants, Harems and Palazzos

Loose hanging shrug

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Instead of a typical short and tight fitted shrug, pick up a long and loose hanging shrug like Black Striped Shrug for a cool and laid back look. These types of shrugs are comfortable, easy to put on and take off for a weather that gets suddenly cold  and leaves you sweating again in a while.


3. For skirts

shrugs for skirtsImage source

Depending on the shape and style of your skirt, you can team up a shrug to cover the shoulders and sleeves for a mixed weather. For straight or pencil skirts, blazer styled shrugs go well to be a foil for a formal look while for a flared, floral or casual skirt, croqueted, netted or knitted shrugs do complete justice.


4. For Salwars and Lehengas

Printed shrugs

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For the ethnic Indian look, there are some nice and fancy shrugs out there too. Take a look at Multicoloured Printed Shrug, Amari women red & white printed ethnic shrug and svarikaa golden embroidered ethnic jacket. From mirror work and phulkari and other embroidery styles to cotton jackets, plain shrugs with silk borders and chikankaari- there’s something for everyone in this genre.


5. For Short and Maxi Dresses

Red Shrug with a Black Dress

No matter what the length of your dress is, the rule is fitted shrugs go well with fitted dresses, while loosely hanging shrugs look better with loose, long dresses; however, fashion is an industry that knows no boundaries. A stylish Red Solid Shrug can be a perfect addition to your favourite little black dress while an Orange Georgette Shrug would absolutely justify a dress of any shape and length.


6. For off shoulder dresses and tops

Short and Small shrugs

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If you want to envelope your shoulders in the evenings while you wear an off shoulder top or dress, you can wear a short and small shrug that only covers the shoulders, sparing your arms and waist, while if your motive is to keep up the glamour and still get some coziness, pick up an off shoulder shrug that leave alone your shoulders but only cover your arms and torso.

So no matter what dress you plan to wear, you can always team it up with a perfect shrug to complete the look and collect compliments for friends and loved ones.



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