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प्राची सिंह December 4, 2018 at 12:45

Wednesday discounts, end of season sale, clearance sale, and the list goes on! BUT THE WAIT! 😥 NO WORRIES NO WORRIES CHICAS we have got some comfy daily wear kurta/kurti collection with mind boggling discounts for you guys and i promise the price at which these comes on will be easy on your pockets. SO BREATHE LADIES! AND GRAB ON OUR HANDPICKED COLLECTION.

We have teamed up variant patterns, fabrics and suit your prefrence. happy shopping with DUSBUS   🙂

1. Blue Cotton Straight Kurta

Blue Cotton Straight Kurta


MRP: ₹999/-


SALE PRICE: ₹499/-

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2.  Black & Gold Kurta

Well they say “why confused when you have black!” true that.  Plus the super affordable price at which this comes at is a STEAL!

 Black & Gold Kurta

MRP: ₹1,248/-


SALE PRICE: ₹499/-

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3. Straight green printed kurta (DusBus Recommended)

Straight green printed kurta

MRP: ₹1,099/-


SALE PRICE: ₹495/-

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4.  Anarkali Style Kurta

This one is just the right piece for desi girls. Team it up with your favorite earring and bangles and Shoot.

Anarkali Style Kurta

MRP: ₹2,084/-


SALE PRICE: ₹539/-

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5. Mustard Yellow Kurti

Mustard Yellow Kurti

MRP:  ₹1,799/-



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6. Gorgeous Multicoloured Kurti


Gorgeous Multicoloured Kurti

MRP:  ₹1,599/-


SALE PRICE: ₹719/-

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7. A Line Kurta

A Line Kurta

MRP:  ₹1,699/-


SALE PRICE: ₹699/-

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8.  Printed Cotton Kurta

How about geometrical prints for office wear ladies? Pair this one with solid dark colored leggings and you are good to go.

Printed Cotton Kurta

MRP:  ₹999/-


SALE PRICE: ₹349/-

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9.  Blue Embroidered Kurta

And the embroidery work is to die for!  😯

 Blue Embroidered Kurta

MRP:  ₹999/-



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10.  Red Anarkali Kurta

ANYONE IN LOVE?  Well then i have got just the right kurti to get along with your mood.  😛

Red Anarkali Kurta

MRP:  ₹1,799/-


SALE PRICE: ₹629/-

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