5 Best Street Style Shopping Destinations in India

Street style is about simplicity and being open to new things. Here are some of the best places for street shopping in India.

Anomitra Paul August 8, 2017 at 12:15

Street style is about simplicity and being open to new things. As a college student, We understand the needs of all of you out there who want to dress right without burning a hole in your pocket. And while India will always be good at ethnic fashion, some places throughout the country have lately focused on street trends.

  1. Dakshinapan, Dhakuria, Kolkata

The to-go place for every young woman in Kolkata who is into low priced ethnic wear, from short kurtis and vibrant palazzos to junk jewellery, salwar kameezes, scarves and maxi dresses. It has a variety of boutiques and emporiums, where Gurjari is the most popular. The street stalls right outside Dakshinapan have the best most trendy earrings you will ever find.

2.  Colaba Causeway, Colaba, South Mumbai

Shoes, jewellery, bags, you name it. The everyday carnival that is the Colaba Causeway market is a shopping experience like no other in Mumbai. Geared especially towards tourists, that infamous Indian saying of “sab kuch milega” (you’ll get everything) certainly applies at this market. Dodge persistent balloon and map sellers, as you meander along the sidewalk and peruse the stalls. Want your name written on a grain of rice? That’s possible too.

3.   Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

At the Sarojini Nagar Market you get fashionable clothes at affordable prices. Export-surplus garments as well as rejected export clothing come to this market at throwaway prices. Your to-go place for Indian jewellery, kurtis and tailored salwar suits. Extremely affordable. A necessary destination.

4.  Lakshmi Road, Pune

The best, most inexpensive junk jewellery, earrings, nose rings, bangles and anklets are found in this place in Pune. The prices are unbelievably low. It’s also a good place to purchase tidbits like mobile accessories.

5. New Market  (Sir Stuart Hogg Market), Lindsay Street, Kolkata

One simply cannot be into street fashion and not visit this Market at the heart of Kolkata. Designed with inspiration from Marylebone Station, London, this place has all the items a college student can look for on one street. Bags, shoes, clothes, all very cheap.

Remember to visit these places whenever you are visiting any of these cities.


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