3 successful night creams for beauty sleep

You must know what is a night cream and what it does for beauty sleep. Today we are talking about three night creams that stand out amongst a crowd. .

Nivedita Nagpal August 29, 2017 at 12:15

A good night’s sleep is very important. As we age, the need to use external methods to wake up refreshed is a challenge. With the advent of various night creams, it is now easier to keep a check on oily and combination skin.

These creams restore the cells and hydrate the skin. The range of creams covers a spectrum of Ayurveda products to best-known international brands and they are all available online.

your like, your budget and skin will determine if they will work for you. Three night creams stand out amongst a crowded number of choices. Before that, you must know what is a night cream and what it does for beauty sleep.

Knowing all about night creams

 While we sleep at night, the skin and the rest of the body repair itself from the day’ s stress and pollution. The process happens internally and externally. As we age, the outer derma layer undergoes wear and tear. Night creams are designed to help the derma layer to remain supple and glowing.

When these creams are used, they enter the derma layer and deeply moisturize the internal layers. It adds to the repair with anti oxidant properties that take remove free radicals that emerge. During the aging process, wrinkles are formed in the skin and elasticity is lost.

Most night creams are made to iron out the wrinkles. If an ingredient called retinol exists in the cream, it is useful for keeping the sensitive skin from folding up. Once the cream is applied, it works through the night. In the morning, the skin feels fresh. It slows down the natural process of aging.

Other benefits of night creams

  1. The skin looks youthful and extremely lithe. The complexion improves with regular use.
  2. During the night, the dead skin cells are removed. The ingredients induce sleep and skin gets rest.
  3. New cells are produced while you are asleep. Since there is no stress, the new cells appear.

Vichy Normaderm Anti Imperfection and Rejuvenating Care Night Cream

There is no need to remember the name! All over the world, it is used by beauty conscious women. It is ideal for combination skin. It is conveniently priced at Rs. 325 per tube.

Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Cream

This cosmetic company is known for some of the best products in the international market. It entered the Indian market long ago. It is used by professionals too in their make up kit. Working in the polluted cities, makes the skin toxic. This night cream stops the radical building activity and keeps the skin strong. Many users find that visible signs of wrinkles and aging disappear. Be prepared to shell out Rs. 3700 for it.

Kama Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream

It’s Indian and contains Ayurveda ingredients. It gets absorbs in the skin easily. It can clear dark circles if used regularly. It removes the tan on the face and the skin is cleared with regular usage. It is priced at Rs. 1195.

Do you use any other night cream that works and is value for money? Share it with us to help others to get a beauty sleep.


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