Know How To Clean And Decorate Room In 5 Minutes

Cleaning and decorating room at a low cost is something we dream off. So keeping that in mind, we bring to you 5 products that can help you to get your room ready just in 5 minutes.

Neha Sengupta नवम्बर 18, 2017 at 1:32

Cleaning room everyday, is really difficult?? So listing here few things that you should always have in your home, to make your room ready for your guests just  in 5 MINUTES.

1. Storage Box

This storage box has huge capacity. Dump all your Child’s stuff or your unnecessary things and close it. Keep it in one corner of the room and place a flower vase on it, with some fresh flowers. ???

Storage Box

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2. Bed Linen

Keep a bed linen always ready to cover your usual bed sheet. Seeing the beautiful linen no one will know the truth, what is actually there underneath ???


Click on the picture to see the other colours Bed-Cover

3. Spin Mop

if you are having a spinning mop, then cleaning floor can be really easy, trust me ??

Cleanning floor with spinning mop

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4. Aromatic Light Lamp

If there is a bed side table in your room, then place a Small Aromatic Light Lamp. It will add to the classy look and also freshens the air ??


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5. Wall Clock

This peacock wall clock is the last thing that you can add to the decorative. The best thing about this clock is, it will match with any wall.??


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