5 Famous Designer Labels to Own under Rs.1000

Craving for a designer label but your budget is tight like mine? Check these awesome designer stuff: all under Rs.1000! We bet you will end up buying one.

Lekshmi Nair জানুয়ারী 14, 2017 at 4:22

That sounds like magic, right? Designer Labels and that too at a budget that’s below Rs.1000? You heard it right and we shall tell you who and how. It’s a fashionista’s dream to own a designer label but the market intelligence always tells us that they are too expensive to hoard up on. How about if we tell you that this is not true!

Here are five very popular fashion designers of incredible repute who offer prêt-à-porter lines. Easy on the pocket and high on style – be ready to be the next girl’s envy.

1. Anita Dongre

Printed Straight Kurta by Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre is a fashion designer par excellence, famous for her Indian ethnic as well as contemporary and western lines of outfits. She is the founder of the House of Anita Dongre and runs two famous ready to wear lines, namely Global Desi and AND.

Global Desi in her own words is “a collection which is free-spirited, vibrant and delightful”. The ethos of this clothing line is wide usage of Indian hues with western style and the perfect fusion of contemporary ethnic. Experimentation is Anita Dongre’s key; that is what has made her as famous as she is today. Global Desi is a collection of bohemian themed outfits which fits the style sense of young Indian women. You can pick one right here:

buy-here-basketBuy this Designer Kurta Here for just Rs.699

AND Western Wear


AND is Anita’s western clothing line, with sleek and stylish designs it is also one of the most affordable designer labels in India for western wear from a designer. Solids are used abundantly along with an influence of abstract, fit for any kind of semi-formal event where you have to dress up but aren’t very sure of the style to adopt. You can pick one here:

buy-here-basketBuy here


2. Priyadarshini Rao

Priyadarshini Rao Tunic


The young Priyadarshini Rao designs outfits with a soul to it; She believes in exhibiting liberation in her free-willed cuts on her designs. Having dressed numerous celebrities, Priyadarshini also has a prêt line which caters to young Indian women in their early and late twenties. Sharing the same idea of a boho-chic look as Dongre, these outfits are perfect for the bold but vibrant look. You can pick one here:

buy-here-basketBuy here


3. Ritu Kumar

Ritu’s prêt line

One of the most senior fashion designers from India, Ritu Kumar is a name synonymous with intelligent and soulful fashion aesthetics. Kumar started with evening wear and bridal outfits in the country and moved rapidly to the international fashion scene.  She is a name to reckon with even in the Paris and New York fashion markets.

Label is Ritu’s prêt line and is specifically designed targeting the young crowd of urban India. With a strong Indian influence, it is a blend of global trends. It also is joyfully affordable and will fit the pocket of a student and young corporate, easily. You can pick one here-

buy-here-basketBuy here


4. Masaba Gupta

Designer Clothes Under Rs.1000


Masaba broke the Indian fashion scene at a very young age. Masaba’s clothing line has always been about quirk and courage. She blends prints like no one else does, and uses designs inspired from everyday objects. She has also been working with weavers from across India to present some of the most evolved creations from any fashion designer in the country. Comfort is the second name of her label and it’s as non-fussy as they get – perfect for the young urban Indian woman.

Masaba’s prêt line is for the young women with attitude. As fierce as herself, these outfits are bold, chic and extremely stylish. The colours used are symbolic of independence, they can be worn to any kind of casual occasion. She has termed it her most fearless collection yet, need we say more? You can pick one here:

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5. Wendell Rodricks

Wendel Rodricks: Under Rs.1000


Wendell Rodricks has been considered one of the top ten fashion designers in India for a long time. Originally from Goa, his designs are a beautiful combination of eclectic Goan and Indian taste. He is also one of the first few designers in India who worked towards designs using fabric which were environment-friendly. Wendell’s designs advocate minimalism.

In his prêt line, he has used cuts which make sure that you can wear it during the day through the night. This makes it an amazing choice for any kind of special occasion. Rodricks has always advocated that every woman is of a different size, he appreciates individual body statistics and his designs very uniquely represent the same emotions. Pick one here:

buy-here-basketBuy here

Each of these designers have their own style statement, sense, and idea. Pick one that suits your personality and the occasions that you usually find yourself in. Also, these are perfect gifts for your best friend and sister. Who doesn’t love having a designer label in their wardrobe, after all? So what are you waiting for? With just Rs.1000 in your hand, you can pick up any of these designer labels, some of them start as low as Rs.300. Perfect for your pocket, wardrobe, and style quotient!


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